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Keywest Technology Software Support & Limited Warranty Statement

1. Software Support Coverage: MediaZone Pro, InfoZone Pro and SignWave Software.

2. TotalCARE® Help Desk Software Support

Software support and maintenance is the essence of Keywest Technology’s TotalCARE. Keywest Technology digital signage software and bundled (hardware) products include TotalCARE Support for two (2) years starting at Effective Date at no additional charge. Effective Date of TotalCARE Support and Hardware Warranty are calculated by product serial number and original ship date from Keywest Technology FOB Lenexa, KS. Extended annual coverage beyond the second year of TotalCARE support is available for a nominal fee not to exceed 20% per unit cost per year.

a)   Normal Business Hours. TotalCARE “live” support is available during normal business hours of 9 to 5 CT (UTC-6):
United States Tech Support: Call 800-331-2019 (press option 2)
International Tech Support: Call +1-913-492-4666 (press option 2)
b)  TotalCARE Help Desk. The TotalCARE Help Desk is accessible 24-hour, 7-days-per-week at
c)  Keywest shall provide to Customer during Keywest’s normal business hours, telephone, chat or email assistance regarding Customer’s proper and authorized use of the latest release of the Software that is generally available to Keywest’s customer base or a version or release of the Software that was provided by Keywest to Customer within the previous twelve (12) months (collectively, “Latest Release”).
d)  Keywest shall provide to Customer during Normal Business Hours reasonable endeavors in investigating and solving failures of the Software to conform to the Documentation that arise in connection with Customer’s proper and authorized use of the Latest Release. Customer shall provide to Keywest reasonably detailed documentation and explanation, together with underlying data, to substantiate any such failures and to assist Keywest in its efforts to investigate, diagnose and correct the failure. Unless otherwise agreed to by Keywest, these support services shall be provided by Keywest via telephone, chat and email.
e)  Keywest shall provide to Customer at no additional charge Keywest’s periodic Upgrades during the warranty period, which is two years unless extended annually. All Upgrades shall be furnished by means of new revision of the Software and shall be accompanied by updates to the Documentation whenever Keywest determines, in its sole discretion, that such updates are necessary. Customer shall promptly install such Upgrades. Upgrades outside of warranty will not be provided free of charge.
f)  Professional Services. At Customer’s reasonable request and subject to the availability of Keywest’s personnel, Keywest shall provide to Customer any installation services, training, consulting services, custom programming, graphic design and assistance with data transfers or Customer system or database upgrades, system restarts and reinstallations and other specialized support services that are outside the scope of on-going support services described in Section 2.c-e (including any diagnostic or programming services requested by Customer that are not due to a failure of the Software to conform to the Documentation or an act or omission of Keywest) at Keywest’s standard professional services fees for the type of service requested. In addition, Keywest reserves the right to charge a premium for any on-going support services requested by Customer to be performed outside of Normal Business Hours subject to availability of such out of hours services and upon prior arrangement with Customer
g)  Documentation. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that Keywest Technology product manuals and promotional materials accurately describe Keywest Technology product specifications and capabilities at the time of publication. However, because of ongoing improvements and development, Keywest Technology cannot guarantee the accuracy of printed materials after the date of publication and disclaims any liability for changes, errors or omissions.
h) TotalCARE limit exception. TotalCARE is not limited on Breeze Digital Signage. TotalCARE support is an integral part of the SaaS subscription. All Breeze subscribers receive a pre-authorized service level for active accounts. Additionally, TotalCARE is enhanced with a Breeze Service Level Agreement, which may include additional services beyond technical support. Breeze media hardware is provided with a 2-year limited warranty that is described in the section below.

Keywest Technology Limited Hardware Warranty Statement

3. Limited Hardware Warranty Coverage: Hardware (player) Systems, MXS-LP, MXS-MICRO, MXS-RM, MXS-IZP-Tx, SWT-10, BRZ-MP-T

4. All Keywest Technology supplied digital signage media players and servers (bundled hardware) come with a limited 2-year OEM warranty, which can be extended one additional year at the time of purchase.

5. Hardware Warranty Claims

At its option, Keywest Technology will exchange, repair or replace at no charge any Keywest Technology product which proves to be defective within such warranty period. This limited warranty shall not apply if the product has been damaged by unreasonable use, accident, negligence, service or by any other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship.

a)  To receive in-warranty service, a defective product must be delivered to Keywest Technology no later than 30-days after the end of the warranty period. The product must be accompanied by proof of date satisfactory to Keywest Technology and by a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA) issued by Keywest Technology. For an RMA number and the location of the nearest authorized service center contact Keywest Technology, Inc. at 14563 W. 96th Terrace, Lenexa, Kansas 66215, 913-492-4666, or Purchasers are responsible for all delivery costs or shipping charges to return any defective Keywest Technology product under this warranty policy (with the exception noted in the Return Policy)—Keywest Technology will be responsible for shipping fees after repair or replacement and will utilize ground shipping services for equipment shipment back to the purchaser. Any product returned to Keywest Technology must be packaged securely using the original packing materials. Keywest Technology recommends insurance for replacement value as Keywest Technology assumes no liability for any loss or damage occurring during shipment.
b)  Except for the stated warranty above, Keywest Technology makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the Keywest Technology products. All implied warranties, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the duration of the expressed warranty set forth above.
c)  The limited warranty set forth above constitutes the sole and exclusive remedy of the original purchaser with respect to any defective Keywest Technology product and is in lieu of all other obligations or liabilities of Keywest Technology. In no event shall Keywest Technology be held liable for any costs of procurement of substitute goods, loss of profits, or any consequential, incidental, and/or other damages of any kind resulting from a breach of any applicable express or implied warranty, breach of any obligation arising from a breach of warranty, or otherwise with respect to the manufacture and sale of any Keywest Technology product, whether or not Keywest Technology has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage. This limited warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights who may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranty durations and/or do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages.

6. Keywest Technology Return Policy

Keywest Technology products may be returned within 30-days from purchase if in like-new condition. Software-only purchases are not returnable for refund if a key code has been issued. Items within 30- to 90-days from date of purchase may be returned with a 30% restocking fee. In all cases shipping charges are the customer’s responsibilities as well as any charges to return the product to its original condition (costs will be withheld from any purchase refunds). Returns after 90 days are not accepted. All returned products must have a valid RMA number clearly marked on the package. Deliveries without a visible RMA number will be refused. To receive an RMA number please call 913-492-4666 Monday- Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time (USA). RMA numbers will only be issued after troubleshooting and technician/engineer authorization.

7. Keywest Technology Repair and Exchange Policy

If possible during the warranty period, Keywest Technology will exchange defective units at no cost to the customer except for shipping. Keywest Technology technicians and engineers may authorize RMA for exchange under this clause only after reasonable technical support efforts to resolve the issue. Any product outside of warranty will be processed as non-warranty repair.

8. End-of-Life Product Support

End-of-life or obsolete products do not qualify for TotalCARE service and support. End-of-life products are not serviced by Keywest Technology. A third-party service provider is appointed by Keywest Technology to maintain and service all end-of-life products. Please contact [email protected] for details. Note: The prices below are only typical of expected service charges from third-party vendor. Actual cost will vary.

  • End-of-life MediaZone (legacy), including: MXB & MXS series: $415 Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life MediaXtreme Interactive-3, including: MXS-i3, MX-i3 series: $415 Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life Media POD including: MX, MXS, MPOD, VPOD series: $415 Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life MediaXtreme systems, including: Protector, DEVIS, MX1, MX3, MX5, MX7, MXA,  & MCS series: $415 Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life Big Voodoo or Little Voodoo Products (all products with “BV” or “LV” part numbers): $225 base charge. Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life Keywest Technology manufactured Star-8, Keywest Technology manufactured LogoSTAR, Keywest Technology manufactured 800 Series: $525 base charge. Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life Video Data Systems manufactured products, including: DC1, Vidstar, LogoSTAR-200, Gizmo, SARMU, StarMU, 800, STAR-8: $525 base charge. Include three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life Feral manufactured products, including: C-100, LC/MC422, QS440, E422SX, A422SX: $600 base charge. Includes three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.
  • End-of-life Grunder FLIR/Post-Processor, MV-22 Processor and all others: $675 base charge. Include three hours of labor and minor parts. Major parts and extended time are extra.

9. Shipment and Delivery Terms of Repaired Hardware

Delivery dates quoted by Keywest Technology TotalCARE Support are best estimates and are not guarantees of delivery by such date. Keywest Technology will use its best efforts to comply with such dates but shall not be liable for damages or otherwise, nor shall purchasers be relieved of their obligations relating to the purchases from Keywest Technology should Keywest Technology not meet such delivery dates. All prices are F.O.B. Keywest Technology facility. Purchaser is responsible for payment of all freight charges, unless the hardware is under warranty, in which case Keywest Technology will pay for the return of the equipment using FedEx Ground services by default. In the absence of specific instructions, Keywest Technology will ship by what it deems to be the most appropriate method. In any case, Keywest Technology reserves the right to ship all products via an air carrier to minimize the risk of damage in shipping if Ground service is not deemed suitable. Title to and risk of loss or damage to products (except title to any software comprised in the products) shall pass to purchaser upon delivery to carrier. Purchaser shall have the responsibility to obtain insurance and to file claims for loss or damage to the products in transit with the carrier or insurance company.