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Use dynamic annotations on drawings to keep your work organized and more accessible.See what’s changed in your drawing using the new Markup Review dialog, which loads relevant markup from the cloud.Attach your drawings to content in a Google document, such as meeting notes, slide decks, and support files.More Design Features:Create a detailed labeling style for your drawings using palettes and dialog boxes.Use Matic to easily access your project’s style library.View the entire state of a drawing from any tool.Scale and mirror drawings by using grips and using the state of your display.Use these shortcuts to draw with any tool and erase mistakes in the Drawing Review feature.In the new System Monitor window, view status of your Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Server, Azure, and Internet of Things (IoT) services.New features for greater design capabilities:Draft and publish your work as a low-polygon 3D model or video. Publish web-ready 3D models using FreeCAD’s “publish to web service” functionality.See 3D models in the context of your design by building a mixed reality (MR) model or hologram using 3D models and images.Create topology and spot geometry with direct editing tools and with AutoCAD’s topology and spot feature.Solve using a combination of different edit tools and the Solver feature.Add and edit text using the Embed Text and Text Editor tools.Use a stamping mechanism to add existing text to a drawing.Use editable fill patterns and draw with gradients.More AutoCAD features:A new Tools menu lets you change preferences for one or more projects.Save paper space by consolidating tools onto the same tool bar.A new Schematic Network tool lets you quickly create network designs.Create a Live Schedule using blocks on a calendar. (video: 1:20 min.)Redefine complex custom objects, such as windows and doors.Store drawings in a new library format, “Library 2.0”, which allows you to reuse and repurpose drawings.Launch a wide range of third-party applications 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64

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