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As a partner of Userful™ video walls, Keywest Technology immerses you in a high-quality visual experience. Userful video walls offer creative flexibility from landscape to portrait, or anything in between using artistic oblique angles. Userful technology provides more flexibility than standard multi-head graphics boards, yet it is much less expensive than traditional video wall processors. The Userful solution also offers a much higher resolution than monitors that have integrated video wall processing. When combined with our leading digital signage system, Breeze Digital Signage, Userful video walls project rich content all managed by the powerful Breeze CMS on a web browser. Contact us for expert consulting on your next project!




Architectural Media
Video walls, also known as techorating among AV architects, can influence the ambiance of the building by the way it is integrated into the environment.  Similarly, creative content can stimulate the senses, arouse and influence behavior that complements the purpose of building designs, which reinforces and extends the core brand image.

Control Your Brand
By incorporating Breeze Digital Signage with Userful video walls, we make it possible to control the brand experience from anywhere by simply accessing the ubiquitous web browser. Compelling, dynamic, and interactive media can be modified quickly, allowing it to be incorporated into virtually any environment or occasion. For example, architectural media can immerse control rooms, grid-style video walls, artistic video walls, and multi-source zoned content into an exciting and useful visual experience.

Extend Your Reach
Business managers, communicators and marketers all want to assure the highest return on their investment. ROI is often based on achieving successful reach of the largest intentional audience. Video walls are easily noticed by intended audiences who will ingest the messages presented –even at a subconscious level—and are then motivated to engage with the message or interactive opportunities presented. In other words, video walls do not only change your audience’s mind—it can change their mood!

Smarter Engagement
The Userful video wall system from Keywest Technology is a “connected wall” that improves the relationship between the brand and its intended audience when there are frequent interactions. The scheduling of messages and creative content contributes to the “conversation” inherent in the growing applicability of the brand and its relationship with the targeted audience. In other words, this medium is large enough to completely set the stage for something spectacular, giving your customers a “wow” experience!

Best Video Wall Technology
Userful logoUserful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller that delivers visually stunning video wall displays over the network with unparalleled simplicity and ease, at an affordable price.


With Userful you can:

  • Deliver any layout including one of a kind artistic or mosaic-style video walls
  • With up to 8k source content in real time on up to 100 displays per video wall
  • All easily managed from a browser or smart phone
  • Now with a powerful API for advanced integration
  • Using virtually unlimited simultaneous internal and external content sources
  • …on preset zones across a single video wall
  • …or onto a mix of video walls and digital signs
  • All controlled in real time through Userful’s API or with remote control tools which staff can use to invoke zone and content presets created by administrators


How Userful video walls work


  • High availability – Install an optional failover server to ensure continuous system availability.
  • Increased life span – Zero client player devices have no moving parts or operating system, making them long-lasting, even for demanding or harsh environments, including high heat, grease, dust, steam, and outdoor elements.
  • Content management – The solution integrates natively with multiple leading CMSs and can display content from any CMS using HDMI capture.
  • HDMI capture – Optionally add one or more HDMI capture cards, allowing input of just about any source content.
  • Other types of display – Support stand alone digital signs, touch kiosks, or desktops all from the server that supports the video wall to create a complete digital display solution.
  • Interactive viewer – Any tablet or smart phone can control the mouse and keyboard of the video wall making interactivity with a Userful video wall easy.
  • Zone support – Display simultaneous content streams on specified displays within the video wall and change on the fly as needed.
  • Preset switcher – Use a phone or tablet for one-touch switches between multiple content sources and video wall layouts preset by the video wall administrator.
  • Mirror feature – Synchronize content across multiple displays or video walls allowing the same content to play at exactly the same time.
  • REST API – A platform to programmatically interact with Userful allowing customers to trigger changes to content, zones and more.
  • Change content on any video wall or display with a single touch on a tablet or phone.
  • Administrators preset the content options available on a video wall or digital sign.
  • Non-admin staff can select the content they want to play from among those preset content options.
  • Ideal for any situation where administrators want to restrict what can be done on the video wall but want to give limited content control to staff.

Userful video wall source switcher

  • Administrators can preset options across all screens connected to one PC, and either staff or administrators can invoke those presets with a single touch on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Change all content and zones across all video walls and displays with a single touch–or change just one. Preset as many configurations as you want then play them with a single touch.

Digital Signage Application for Preset Switcher

Userful video wall preset switcher

  • Admin or staff can use a phone, tablet or desktop to control interactive content on a video wall or display over the network.
  • No need to attach a mouse or keyboard to the video wall or invest in touch video wall.
  • Ideal for control rooms, or for turning a video wall into a sales tool allowing a salesperson to use the video wall to walk customers through web pages.

Userful video wall remote control


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