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Our SignWave™ digital door card system puts your conference signs to work—not your staff!

By connecting automatically to popular Event Management Software (EMS) or Property Management Software (PMS), SignWave instantly updates and displays your event and scheduling information on conference, meeting and training room door signs. We guarantee SignWave will greatly reduce the frustration of managing multiple rooms by reducing time-consuming micro tasking of personnel who can now be reassigned to less redundant activities.

SignWave digital door cards are designed for large venue locations such as conference centers, corporate offices, education campuses, healthcare complexes and hotels, where getting the job done fast and efficiently makes the difference between the quality of care and services offered. It also minimizes scheduling conflicts and confusion, empowering staff to do their jobs with greater effectiveness without putting more effort into it.


We Put Your Signs To Work

Not Your Staff




SignWave is part of the Breeze Digital Signage ecosystem that uses advanced cloud technology to securely and reliably aggregate third-party software data using a Breeze widget. SignWave all-in-one digital displays are available from 10 to 24” with different options to fit your unique application.

SignWave eliminates the endless printing of paper signage, placards, bulletin boards, menus, and room schedules, by providing the most up-to-date message possible where it matters the most. SignWave digital door cards and signs create communication solutions for healthcare, education, convention, and corporate centers that utilize flexible meeting spaces, which may be rented, occupied, or otherwise repurposed on a regular basis.

Typically installed near meeting rooms and conference centers, SignWave keeps your meeting schedules and event activities current—automatically—by seamlessly interfacing with popular room management and calendar software including, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server / Outlook
  • Newmarket Delphi EMS
  • MICROS Fidelio Opera PMS
  • Dean Evans EMS
  • Google Calendar
  • Ad Astra Schedule

Of course, depending on the model, SignWave displays offer many advanced digital media and interactive abilities, giving you innovative choices at solving communication needs.

For example, our 10” SignWave display (part# BRZ2-10) includes the integration of both BLE Beacon and NFC technologies, which enables an instant communication network that messages customers, visitors, or guests in designated hotspot areas. This opens many possibilities for multi-channel integration that reach from fixed signage to mobile messaging.

SignWave can be used solely as a digital door card, or it may be utilized as a media display using other cloud-sourced widgets. Breeze 2.0 widgets include hotel reader boards, menu boards, weather forecasts, stocks, and news to name a few.

Outstanding features on our most advanced SignWave displays include:

  • Easy Mounting to Any Surface Including Glass
  • Slim Display Measures 1.1” From Wall
  • Integrated Flush Wall Mount Options
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) Ready
  • Side Mounted Room Availability LED Light Bars
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Ready
  • BLE Beacon Ready

SignWave provides many benefits to guest-facing communications, which enhance customer service and meet the expectations of today’s digitally-empowered guests.

  • Easy-to-read screens with razor sharp resolution install anywhere
  • Gives meeting rooms and conference centers a higher usability factor
  • Eliminates endless printing of paper signage and placards
  • Minimizes scheduling confusion and on-location mix-ups
  • Provides guests, visitors, and customers supplemental content as needed
  • Connects to popular EMS / PMS programs for hands-free operation
  • Instantly access and override changed event schedules at meeting location or by web browser
  • Manage event data by editing text, change room combinations, room swaps
  • Adjust ad-hoc scheduling at conference rooms using local keypad
  • Change logos for event branding or sponsorship
  • Default to logo or image when room is empty, automatically
  • Automatic sequence of scheduling timeline
  • Change graphic backgrounds to retain brand consistency
  • Use multiple data templates to optimize data appearance
  • Supports multiple Breeze widgets to source useful on-screen content
  • Supports digital reader boards, menu boards, touch screens, and smartphone interactive
  • Commercial-grade displays offers uncompromising full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080





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