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Keywest Technology Introduces Lab-Verified NanoShield Self-Disinfecting Film for Digital Surfaces

NanoShield reduces viruses and bacteria on digital surfaces by 99.99% in less than 15 minutes.

LENEXA, KS. SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 – Keywest Technology announces it is offering NanoShield, a transparent film that adheres to surfaces and self-disinfects in less than 15 minutes. NanoShield uses copper nanotechnology to reduce viruses and bacteria by more than 99.99 percent on digital signage, surfaces and kiosk touchscreens in places such as schools, universities, healthcare facilities, airports, retail spaces, entertainment venues and more. This antimicrobial film with NanoShield technology is independent lab verified to be effective against coronavirus, influenza, norovirus, staphylococcus and e.coli, lasting for 12 months.

Disinfecting products have become even more important in cleaning protocols during the coronavirus pandemic. Leaders have adopted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s cleaning protocols to stop disease transmission, yet public areas are high-touch environments with visitors using self-serve kiosks and touchscreens to do business and get information. In a classic supply and demand scenario, the increasing cost of cleaning supplies in addition to the man hours required for cleaning will increase budgets, especially when calculated over the course of the pandemic. NanoShield’s disinfecting technology reduces quantity of supplies and time to follow cleaning protocols, making it a cost-efficient alternative.

“With the pandemic facing us, industry experts are exploring viable solutions to interactive signage. Our society, and our customers, have adopted our technology to help create high-quality, intuitive, efficient operations,” shares Koytt Nichols, president of Keywest Technology. “From schools or healthcare facilities who share laptops or tablets to hotels or airports who have automated check-in kiosks – NanoShield can keep operations in place, while keeping end users safe.”

Copper nanotechnology is the key to NanoShield’s self-disinfection. NanoShield produces electrically charged copper ions that attach to viruses and bacteria altering their structure, stopping the way they work.

To learn more about copper nanotechnology and case studies, download our white paper.

NanoShield is easily installed on frequently touched surfaces, as well as digital devices. The transparent film is backed with a silicon adhesive that leaves no residue behind. NanoShield is available in rolls 50μ, 100μ, and 188µ thick and 1 meter wide. It is also available in custom cut sizes, for easy customer installations on a specific device.

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About Keywest Technology

Founded in 1998 with digital roots stretching back to 1979, Keywest Technology has led its clients’ transition from analog to digital media using IT cloud technology. This digital transition ushered in a new kind of thinking. Since 2001, Keywest Technology has provided innovative digital signage guided by both hindsight and foresight to meet the challenges of communicating better, faster, more efficiently and now, safely.

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