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How to Use Digital Signage to Improve Everyone’s Experience with Your Hospital or Facility

Whether spending a short amount of time as a patient or visitor or staff and providers working long hours, we all spend time in a healthcare environment. Healthcare digital signage is a simple, yet powerful, communication tool that can improve the overall experience for everyone in your hospital or facility. “Everyone” is an all-encompassing term, and we don’t use it lightly.

Healthcare Digital Signage Improves Communication for Better Experiences

Given the hard work and long hours they’ve endured over the past couple of years, let’s begin with healthcare staff and providers. Healthcare digital signage can be programmed to act as wayfinding markers, broadcast patient education messages and update visitors in waiting rooms on their loved one’s status—just to name a few examples. Having important information readily available on digital signage makes it easier to communicate important information to patients, families and care givers. Ultimately, the better communication, the better experience and patient care.

Healthcare digital signage can also be used to promote employee engagement and reinforce your culture. Use your digital signage to share important information, as well as celebrating employee and system milestones.

Keywest Technology’s healthcare digital signage is powered by software that is simple enough for beginners to create content on the fly should you need date-driven or emergency alerts issued throughout the facility. And, it’s powerful enough to give graphic designers the options they want to create evergreen eye-catching, branded visuals.

Healthcare Digital Signage Makes Patients and Visitors Feel Informed, Thus in Control and Calmer

Without listing all the possible reasons why, suffice it to say that merely being in a hospital or healthcare facility can be an emotionally ridden experience for patients and their visitors. While healthcare digital signage cannot eliminate stress, the messages and information it conveys can be a calming influence. Knowing where to go via wayfinding and whether a patient is in pre-op holding, surgery or recovery keeps visitors from feeling in the dark. In a sense, knowledge is power. In situations when visitors or patients can feel powerless, healthcare digital signage provides knowledge resulting in a sense of control for a calming effect.

Healthcare digital signage also can be a welcome distraction for patients and visitors while waiting. Using our software, your team (or ours) can develop presentations on health education, your hospital or facility’s staff and culture, or any other type of information your visitors would find interesting.

Healthcare Digital Signage as a Marketing and Revenue Generation Tool

Your hospital or medical facility has a captive audience, per se, and the human eye is drawn automatically to digital signage. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote providers, departments, services, programs, screenings, pharmacies and community events. The more inclusive your patients and visitors feel, the more likely they are to return to you for more aspects of their care, which can be reflected in patient care surveys. Some hospitals and medical facilities generate revenue from their digital signage by offering advertising space to healthcare related businesses and partners.

For Maximum Effect, Healthcare Digital Signage Content Should be Dynamic and Well Designed

Your healthcare digital signage content should be customized to the location and audience. Meaning those entering your lobby will appreciate having different messaging, like wayfinding, than those in maternity or emergency areas.

Messages should be kept up to date to combat it being ignored. For example, for patients and visitors who are in your facility or hospital often will tire (and ignore) repetitive messaging. As will staff and providers. Creating dynamic and visually appealing messages and graphics for your healthcare digital signage is simple with our Breeze software. And, should you not have staff on site to create content, our team is ready to jump in. Interesting images, videos and copy work together in your healthcare digital signage, much like social media posts.

Healthcare Digital Signage is a Digital Way to Make Human Connections

Digital signage can be used to share success stories, aspirational stories, entertaining stories, interesting facts, as well as information about your staff, providers and mission. These can make a positive impact on those who are trusting their care or their loved ones to your system, reinforcing the highest quality of care your facility offers.

Keywest Technology Knows Healthcare Digital Signage

Not only do we have 20+ years in the digital signage field, but also, we work with several renowned medical facilities and hospitals across the country, such as UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and Mount Sinai. One of our customers with Children’s Hospital of Colorado says, “The Breeze signage software is amazing. But it’s the customer service that makes Keywest really stand out as a company. They worked tirelessly on a solution for Breeze to work with our scheduling system in the hospital after a large technology upgrade.”

We’re known for our simple, affordable healthcare digital signage solutions. Contact our experts for more information about how we can support your hospital or medical facility’s digital messaging and presence.

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