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How Does Cloud-Based Digital Signage Work?

When was the last time you inserted a CD into your computer to install a software program? (Does your computer even have a CD drive anymore?) The legal and financial professionals with whom you work… how long has it been since you downloaded documents to a USB drive for them? What about photos? How long has it been since you printed any? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Just about everything about our digital lives has moved to the cloud. We all know “the cloud” by name, and many of us think of it as this elusive purgatory in the sky where our programs, docs and more wait for our beck and call, then deliver what we want whenever we want it.

Digital signage has moved to the cloud, too. And if you’re looking for a new or an updated version of a digital signage solution, then it’s time to look up or over at Keywest Technology.

What is Cloud-Based Digital Signage? Just like other cloud-based technology, cloud-based digital signage involves network of servers where you can safely store your digital signage content. Since the cloud is accessed via the web, it allows you to save both time and money—no buying or maintaining in-house servers or having staff on site to manage content (images and messaging). Since it’s cloud-based, those with multiple facilities or large campuses find it much easier to manage their digital signage content, displaying messages across locations or customizing them for each digital sign. And, since it’s cloud-based, you never have to worry about losing your content should your in-house workstations go down.

Think of cloud-based digital signage as a content management system (CMS). Simply login to get access to all your content and control what is displayed where. Keywest Technology’s cloud-based digital signage software, Breeze, lets you intuitively manage robust digital signage, from managing and storing content online to remotely controlling your network of displays.

Why you’ll love Breeze digital signage software:

  • Manage multiple displays across one or multiple locations

  • Simple drag and drop editor

  • Robust library of design templates

  • Versatile pre-built widgets and apps, including Interactive

  • Live content & HTML feeds

  • Meeting room scheduling and permissions

  • Award-winning support and personalized training

  • Software updates are automated online

How Does Cloud-Based Digital Signage Transform Your Visual Communications?

Save time and money. If you are moving your digital signage technology to the cloud, then you’ll notice right off the bat just how much easier it is than when you established your organization’s on-site solution. From a time and financial standpoint, there is no server hardware to buy and set up. Cloud-based digital signage is accessed via an internet connection.

With Breeze™, you have control over who can login and start creating and managing content for your digital signage. Choose a template from Breeze’s library in which to drag and drop your media files or custom design your own templates. Within that design, add your chose of any built-in apps to integrate social media, meeting room schedules, Live TV, RSS feeds, digital menus and more.

Control the narrative in real-time. Digital signage messaging does a lot of heavy lifting. It can reinforce your brand. It can relay important information and wayfinding directions. It can act as a public service announcement in case of breaking news or emergencies. It can entertain viewers.

Moving to cloud-based digital signage lets you control the narrative on one screen or any number of screens across multiple locations. You can change digital signage content for any location right from the Breeze™ Editor dashboard. Want to display a storm warning to a location, login and update. Done.

Let your staff stay focused on their work. Absent information and instructions, visitors will interrupt your staff to ask. This is productivity-killing in any environment, but can be dangerous in healthcare facilities. Not to mention it diminishes customer/visitor satisfaction.

Keywest Technology Knows Cloud-Based Digital Signage Keywest Technology has been in the digital signage space for more than 20 years. We not only make it easy to bring your digital communication vision to life, but we do it efficiently and affordably with a 30-day free trial and pricing that starts at less than $30 a month. Ready to change the way you manage digital signage? Let’s get started.

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