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Hospital Digital Signage

Best Places to Display Digital Signage for Hospitals

If you aren’t using digital signage to streamline communications and create efficiencies in your hospital, you are missing an opportunity to create a better experience for patients, employees and visitors. Keywest Technology makes it easy to manage digital signage messages so that hospital personnel can streamline communications across multiple buildings with a click of a mouse. Your hospital may not have use for all of these places described, but more and more hospitals are implementing a combination of these uses, as digital signage is becoming a mainstream vehicle for hospital communication.

Use Digital Signage to Inform Hospital Employees

Share the latest real-time updates with hospital employees and staff. Inform employees about upcoming meetings, emergency cases, scheduling changes, new or updated guidelines and security-related information. Display signage in staff-only areas where doctors can receive important information about patients they are checking on for that particular day.

Use Digital Signage in Hospital Reception Areas

Utilize the space in hospital reception areas, where patients and visitors check in, to display success stories of former patients or other meaningful messages to help calm worrisome patients and visitors. People visiting hospitals are often nervous, and having a calming message to read while checking in can improve their overall experience. Other ideas for messaging ideas in reception areas include honors earned by hospital staff, visiting hours, healthy living advice and even weather forecasts and road conditions.

Utilize Digital Signage in Patient Rooms to Make Their Stay More Comfortable

Cut down on the amount of paper in patient rooms. Instead of supplying paper menus, post daily menu items on digital signage displays in patient rooms. For patients on special diets, you can also display the amount of protein, carbs, sodium and other details for each menu item. You can also use digital signage in patient rooms to communicate important information about health and wellness or even critical information about financial assistance or medical advice.

Keep Hospital Cafeteria Menus Up-to-date

Visitors may feel the need to grab a bite while visiting their loved ones. Utilize digital signage in hospitals’ cafeterias to display the menu at the cafeteria with the pricing and combo deals. If there are any latest additions to the menu, you can highlight them as well. Post menu boards in several locations in the cafeteria or outside of the cafeteria to make it easy for those browsing food items. Displaying menus in multiple places also cuts down on the number of people standing in the serving areas while they are still trying to decide what food they are craving.

Hospital Digital Wayfinding

Cut down on the number of employees and volunteers needed to direct and inform patients and visitors. Digital signage can act as a wayfinding system to get people where they want to go. A good wayfinding system, like Andros Wayfinding, can be easily updated when directions change, and it also provides ADA accessible routes to get from point A to point B. Hospital campuses with multiple floors and rooms may often lead to confusion for patients and visitors. Just like digital maps are used in other venues, hospitals are adopting this method to make it easier for people to reach their destinations quickly.

Promote Services and Hospital Events

Not only is digital signage an effective tool for displaying the hospital’s services and facilities, but also it is an effective tool to promote wellness classes and events. Digital signage is also an effective way to honor your benefactors. Create a beautiful display with images, videos and biographies that can be easily updated as you receive gifts.

Hospitals are incorporating digital signage to deliver a better experience. When visitors, patients and staff are able to digest real-time updates, it creates a better experience for all.

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