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5 Ways You Can Increase Conference Room Signage Productivity with SignWave ™

Put away the paper and the tape. Posting signs outside of conference rooms isn’t the most efficient or prettiest way to communicate information with your employees and guests. Communication is in the digital age, and conference room signage has grown up. And, as technology tends to do, digital signage solutions have become more robust and affordable than ever. That means it is time to view conference room signage as more than just a means for wayfinding, but also a way to increase productivity.

With more than 20 years of experience working with companies to design, deploy and manage their office and conference room signage, our team has identified five ways clients use our digital solutions to make big strides in effective resource management and communicating better and being more productive.

1. Save time by streamlining meeting and event room scheduling with conference room signage.

Keywest Technology’s SignWave™ conference room signage is so simple we call it “invisible tech.” SignWave™ integrates with all the major calendar systems, which means you schedule your meetings the same way you always have. SignWave™ does the rest.

2. Enjoy fewer interrupted meetings.

“Sorry to bother, but do you know where Smith’s group is meeting?”

“We have this room at 3:00. Will your meeting be over soon?”

“We’re going to have to move to another conference room. This one doesn’t have enough space.”

Meetings are interrupted for a lot of reasons. Those interruptions add up to wasted time and annoyances for employees, guests, and even clients. Digital conference room signage, updated in real time, helps avoid interruptions and supports a better experience for everyone involved. The digital conference room sign displays whose meeting is taking place, when a meeting is beginning and ending, and the scheduler can search ahead for other meetings… up to a week.

3. Conference room signage is an effective way to share important communications.

SignWave™ is a module in our Breeze™ Digital Signage Solution. This offers many advantages. The ability to combine and share other kinds of important information with the right people, in the right location and at the right moment is an age-old problem. Sure, we have email, phones, texts, and such, but try as you may, there will always be someone who “didn’t get the memo.”

SignWave™ conference room signage can be updated with live content and scheduled messages that display right in the line of sight. So, whether it’s a meeting or event change, an emergency message, maps—you name it—using your conference room signage like a billboard is an effective way to share information.

4 .Increase employee engagement by using conference room signage, between meetings, as a platform for celebrating employee milestones and accomplishments.

Remember how great it felt for a teacher to use your work as an example to the rest of the class or call out your birthday? The vast majority of people never get over the joy of being recognized for a special occasion or job well done. SignWave™ can do that.

As a part of Breeze™, by leveraging your visual communications media, in large and small offices, SignWave™ can be used to celebrate employees and even company accomplishments. These callouts can improve morale, camaraderie and increase employee engagement, leading to higher job satisfaction and better retention. You know everyone loves to see themselves on TV!

These messages can be targeted too - specific areas, floors and can be scheduled… Because Breeze™ digital signage software allows for managing multiple displays from one login, all of these can be done quickly.

5. Internal branding supports company culture.

We mentioned above that SignWave™ and Breeze™ are cloud-based and simple to use. But also, it’s robust enough for designers to make an impact with the design of any message. There are versatile, pre-built widgets and templates that streamline the creation and deployment of eye-catching playlists using our simple drag & drop editor.

Your SignWave™ displays can be customized to your brand colors, include your company logo and more. Images can be selected that reflect your company culture. Consistency of brand messaging is critical these days as we come back together.

Increase efficiency and improve communications with SignWave™ conference room signage solutions from Keywest Technology. Designing and deploying are just the beginning of our best-in-class conference room digital signage solutions. You can count on our team for ongoing troubleshooting support, a variety of training methods to meet your staff’s preferences, graphic design expertise and content management services. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo.

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