Breeze 3.0.7 Release Notes

New Features

  • Power BI has been integrated so users can display their own reports, charts, and graphs. (Note: This is a limited release. It only works in preview and on Android players.)

  • Ability to add events at a door card for Ad Astra users.

  • Added ability to control Pinch-to-Zoom functionality. On interactive screens, a person can use two fingers to zoom in and out on the content if this feature is enabled.

  • Theme and color simplification to make the experience better for users.

  • Similar media items in a playlist zone can now have certain attributes bulk changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Cloud cover ducking has been simplified to mitigate risk of outages.

  • Better rendering of player screenshots.

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Enhancements to Ad Astra integration

  • Enhancements in the Advanced Text widget selections

  • Weather now shows High then Low to be consistent with industry norms.

  • Better error messaging when dealing with Exchange credentials.

Removed Features

  • None

Compatibility Changes

  • None

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