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Breeze 3.0.33 Release Notes

New Features

  • Sometimes images get uploaded that are very large. To prevent rendering problems, we added an option to restrict and image height and width in the Configuration. If an image is larger, it will get resized to fit inside the maximum width and height that you specify.

  • Do you like shapes? We have a widget for that. Now you can add circles, squares, stars, clouds, and more. This will help you design elements in your playlist without having to create and import images.

  • Every once in a while, your player may go offline. While we do monitor for situations like this, we don't always know if this was intentional. But now, you can monitor if your players are online and get alerted if it is not. Just add the email addresses that should be notified on the Player's page.

  • Have you ever wanted to override your schedule on one or more players, without having to remember what schedule you were using before? We support that. Just choose the playlist or schedule you want to activate. When you are done, disable the override and the player will return to its previous playlist. This can be useful for a manual emergency alerts too.

  • Did you know you can select multiple players or groups of players and update or reboot them? That is one of our new features. This is really useful if you have a lot of players to maintain.

Bug Fixes

  • If Power BI is authorized, but not used right away, the authorization will expire in about an hour. We now give you a longer time period to start using it.

  • If you are using Power BI filters, we now associate the inputs with the correct types (strings, numbers, etc).

  • Minor bug fixes.

Removed Features

  • None.

Compatibility Changes

  • None

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