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Breeze 3.0.30 Release Notes

NOTICE: BrightSign is now SUPPORTED.

New Features

  • We have been working on this for a while and we are excited to announce that BrightSign is now supported. Please read more about this exciting news in the Compatibility Changes section below.

  • We have been added to the BrightSign Partner Gallery.

  • We now show the MAC addresses being used by a player on the player screen.

  • More user experience improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a warning about turning off all active playlists on a player.

  • We made some bug fixes to the way PDF files are handled, especially large ones.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Removed Features

  • None.

Compatibility Changes

  • Old Linux players (running versions older than Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) will no longer work. Support for these older players ended many years ago, but we still have some customers using them. To use the features and bug fixes available in this release and future releases, please update to our modern players and use our Breeze subscription plan with includes a perpetual hardware warranty.

  • As of today, BrightSign players XT1144, XD1034, HD1024, and LS424 work with our software. We will be releasing more information on the specifications of recommended MicroSD cards for the best performance. can also be used for managing your players. As we are rolling out more documentation, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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