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Breeze 3.0.27 Release Notes

NOTICE: Breeze 3.0.27 is a highly stable release.

New Features

  • Media and Widgets can be moved between zones.

  • Added features to make the new account registration process more straightforward.

  • Improved how playlists work when Daylight Savings Time changes occur.

  • More user experience improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced playback when a player is not connected to the internet.

  • Worked on email improvements.

  • Fixed an issue with YouTube Widget audio playback.

  • Fixed a player memory leak.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Removed Features

  • None.

Compatibility Changes

  • Old Linux players (running versions older than Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) will no longer work. Support for these older players ended many years ago, but we still have some customers using them. To use the features and bug fixes available in this release and future releases, please update to our modern players and use our Breeze subscription plan with includes a perpetual hardware warranty.

  • RTP/RTSP/UDP streaming is being replaced by HLS streaming. HLS streaming is already available for use in Breeze. RTP/RTSP/UDP streaming is still available, but is a deprecated feature (final notice).

  • Video capture (e.g. via BlackMagic cards) will need to be handled by an external device later this year (final notice). Check back for more information and solutions.

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