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Breeze 3.0.25 Release Notes

NOTICE: This is an experimental release with new rendering mechanics. Breeze 3.0.26 will be comprehensively tested and our next highly stable release.

New Features

  • Playlists are now ordered by name.

  • The overall playlist resolution can now be changed. This is visible in the playlist header bar now.

  • The Players page provides information on purchasing players when you want more.

  • When using an embedded web page on an interactive display that does not support "touch" events, we are now able to convert the "mouse" event to include the "touch" event. So basically, the user experience is better. Smile and nod. ~ very rare ~

  • Added ability to minimize all "button groups" in the Editor for interactive displays.

  • The search in the content tree (where the media files are located) can be searched by extension now. So if you want to see your "mp4" files, you can just type "mp4". Voilà!

  • More user experience improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed timezone issue for "All Day" events.

  • Fixed issue with RS-232 commands on Windows players.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Removed Features

  • Removed "Civic Engage" widgets. They weren't being used and just caused confusion.

Compatibility Changes

  • RTP/RTSP/UDP streaming is being replaced by HLS streaming. HLS streaming is already available for use in Breeze. RTP/RTSP/UDP streaming is still available, but is a deprecated feature (second notice).

  • Video capture (e.g. via BlackMagic cards) will need to be handled by an external device later this year (second notice). Check back for more information and solutions.

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