Breeze 3.0.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • "Playlist Only" filter added to Schedules.

  • "Meeting Rooms" in Microsoft Exchange that don't have a username/password can be retrieved through an admin account.

  • Users that are administrators are more clearly labeled as such in the Permissions.

  • Google Calendar will use the calendar name if the "location" is left empty.

Bug Fixes

  • Schedules are limited to one year in the past and ten years into the future.

  • API's for players' schedule is ordered.

  • Deleting rooms in provider tree that are referenced in the groups are cascade deleted.

  • Themes are "remembered" at the user level.

  • Infrequent layout issue on the SignWave display has been fixed.

Removed Features

  • None

Compatibility Changes

  • Players running Android version 4.x and lower are not supported any longer. Breeze is the highest version supported for these players.

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