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Breeze 3.0.17 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a Show/Hide all zones toggle.

  • Added Microsoft Graph integration. (Microsoft is dropping support for Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online.)

  • Added link to Templates in the Knowledge Base. This is a good way to jump start your project.

Bug Fixes

  • Show "Hot Spot" boundaries again.

  • Fixed issue where some door cards go to an error screen.

  • Fixed a problem where playlists weren't playing at the proper time when playlists overlapped. (See Attachment A below)

  • Upgraded SAML and fixed issues with integration.

  • Upgraded PHP library and fixed issues with integration.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Removed Features

  • None.

Compatibility Changes

  • None.

Attachment A

The default (green) schedule block used to play all day was ignoring the Lunch (red) and Dinner (beige) schedule blocks, which have higher priorities. This works correctly again.

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