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Project Description

Swiss Re uses the Keywest Technology’s Media POD to welcome students to its training academy and keep them informed of their class schedules and locations.

Swiss Re, the largest re-insurer in the world, is welcoming visitors to its Overland Park, KS, complex and keeping them informed of class schedules for its American component of the Swiss Re Academy with help from Keywest Technology digital signage solutions.

Currently five of eight Keywest Technology Media PODs –one each per plasma display- are used to welcome and guide (wayfinding) visitors as they step off elevators on various floors of the complex and to post class times outside meeting rooms.

Swiss Re, which recently relocated its Academy from Kansas City, MO, to the new complex, will put the other three into service once it’s fully operational at its new facility.

The company uses Keywest Technology’s digital signage editor software to schedule playback of Microsoft PowerPoint slides on the plasma displays. According to Swiss Re technology leader Rusty Porter, the editor software is easy to set up and use. That’s important because thousands of employees visit the Swiss Re Academy annually, each needing an up-to-date listing of class schedules and locations.

At Swiss Re’s Overland Park facility, most the Keywest Technology controllers are located in equipment racks or tucked conveniently and unobtrusively into the back of the plasma display panels. Schedules and content are updated and uploaded via the corporate network as required.

While the digital signage controllers and software have proven to be reliable and easy to use, the few times the company has needed help in solving a technical problem or answering a question, Keywest Technology has provided impeccable service and support, said Porter. “Keywest Technology has been tremendous in their service and their support is outstanding,” he said.

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