University of Kansas Adds Digital Signage to School of Medicine

//University of Kansas Adds Digital Signage to School of Medicine
University of Kansas Adds Digital Signage to School of Medicine2017-05-10T16:01:15+00:00

Project Description

A newly installed digital signage system at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita, Kansas, helps the facility direct patients and visitors to their destinations, keep visitors informed and build warm relations with endowment supporters.

Based on five Keywest Technology interactive digital signage software and content created by Keywest’s creative division, the new digital signage system demonstrates the breadth of the company’s ability. After meeting with university personnel on several occasions, Keywest Systems Group designed, specified, installed and tested the system before training the facility’s staff on its proper use. Working in conjunction with university staff, Keywest created content for the endowment screens, while KU communication specialists provided the core graphic theme and specialized icons and design for the digital signage system including the touch screen.

The installation includes three 42-inch wall-mounted displays with audio used to playback digital signage messaging as well as television. A 47-inch HDTV screen for the endowment department used to playback high definition video and audio content to promote the medical center to supporters and 42-inch displays used for informational and wayfinding needs. Keywest Technology’s I3 software is being used to support interactive touch-screen applications as well.