Sprint Center Entertains Visitors with Digital Signage

//Sprint Center Entertains Visitors with Digital Signage
Sprint Center Entertains Visitors with Digital Signage2017-05-10T16:01:18+00:00

Project Description

The MetroSports Zone/Time Warner Experience, a popular sports bar at the newly completed Sprint Center arena in Kansas City, Missouri, keeps patrons up-to-date on the latest Time Warner Cable promotions and programming with the help of Keywest Technology digital signage.

The sports bar relies on two four-channel MediaXtreme media players to drive high definition programming to two 2-by-2 video walls, each consisting of four 47-inch HD Olevia flat panel LCD displays.

Each MediaXtreme can support horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation of displays. Separate video sources can be scheduled and played back on each panel in the 2-by-2 video wall or individual sources can be split among the monitors that when taken together present a large, complete image.
At the MetroSports Zone/Time Warner Experience, the 2-by-2 video walls are arranged with the monitors oriented in a landscape configuration –two monitors side-by-side on top of each other. Their mission is to complement the excitement of any public event at the Sprint Center and to help Time Warner and its MetroSports channel brand themselves in a high-profile venue.