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Project Description

Working hand-in-hand with SOL Group corporate management, Keywest Technology created and launched the SOL Reach Network with a racy launch campaign in Barbados.

Before launching the digital signage network, SOL corporate management secured branding rights for a globetrotting island-wide event that was attracting visitors throughout the Americas and Europe—the SOL Rally Barbados.

Keywest Creative designed a launch campaign that was broadcasted on the digital signage network throughout Barbados, which included licensed video footage from previous rallies in the Caribbean and exclusive shots of the SOL-branded rally car.

In addition to the SOL Rally promotion videos, the launch campaign playlist included both SOL and vendor advertising, including an on-screen social media game that encouraged customers in an entertaining and engaging way to enter a contest via Facebook.

Powered by Keywest’s Breeze digital signage system in the cloud, the successful SOL Reach Network was installed in SOL Service Stations throughout Barbados at point-of-purchase locations using 21-inch LCD displays.