Restaurant Creates Atmosphere with Digital Window

//Restaurant Creates Atmosphere with Digital Window
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Project Description

Take a hip new San Francisco restaurant, mix in a love for Colorado landscapes, add a dash of high definition video and garnish with some eye-popping flat panels. What you have is a recipe for a stunning digital signage display that’s turning heads and helping to make the Medicine Eat Station the talk of the town.

While the restaurant features vegetarian cuisine with an interesting Japanese influence, it also serves up a collection of exquisite 720P high definition footage from a private ranch in Colorado and additional shots from Utah on four vertically oriented –or portrait- plasma displays lined up side by side to give patrons a true sense of the West.

It’s easy to get lost in the ambience at the Medicine Eat Station, but it wasn’t simple creating that experience. Splitting an HD image into four pieces, rotating them 90 degrees and controlling when they playback isn’t a typical digital signage requirement.

The Keywest Technology digital signage system is the linchpin upon which the Medicine Eat Station digital window hangs. It offers all of the playback, scheduling and control capabilities of the company’s popular single-channel media controller –except it does that for each of four independent channels, or streams, of video. With the multi-head system, the restaurant can playback a single HDV (high definition video) source as a Windows Media HD file and break it up into four separate pieces –one each for four portrait oriented plasma monitors.

Multiple channels from a single controller offer the restaurant convenience and savings. Rather than having to buy four individual controllers and coordinate playback from each, the Keywest system provides a convenient way to schedule and playback several channels of MPEG video from the same unit.

Integrator: Integrated Network Communications (INET)