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Project Description

Visitors to the Old Market area in downtown Omaha, NE, may be feeling a little more welcome in the historic district these days.

Since mid-June (2010) a new courtyard and entryway welcomes visitors featuring a 15-foot-by-12-foot LED screen under the control of Keywest Technology’s MediaZone Pro media player and MediaZone digital signage software, informing those entering the district.

Working with a variety of city officials, representatives for the Greater Omaha Chamber, key business leaders and architectural, engineering and consulting firm HDR, Keywest Technology provided guidance and consultation services on the display portion of the project.

While the primary mission for the display evolved as plans for the courtyard and entryway evolved, the Keywest Technology responded by addressing new technical challenges as they arose and offering solutions that ultimately took shape this summer with the grand opening of the area.

At the heart of the digital signage system is the Keywest Technology MediaXtreme media player and the company’s MediaZone digital signage scheduling and management software. Welcome messages and other digital signage content is created and scheduled by the Greater Omaha Chamber using MediaZone.

Keywest Technology installed and tested the system and provided training to chamber personnel on how to create playback lists, manage changes and update content.

The Greater Omaha Chamber looks for the new courtyard and entryway to serve as a model for other parking lots and spaces around the city to make the experience of visitors more inviting and memorable.