New Arena Opens Doors

//New Arena Opens Doors
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Project Description

Hartman Arena opened in March with an extensive, enterprise-level digital signage control, monitoring and management system from Keywest Technology.

Newly opened Hartman Arena in Wichita, KS, is making use of an extensive array of digital signs and a spectacular video wall under the control of a turnkey digital signage hardware and software system from Keywest Technology.

The system, designed, installed, tested and monitored by Keywest Technology, provides the 6,500-seat facility with a state-of-art, enterprise-level digital signage system used throughout the concourse, as part of a six-screen video wall and in various miscellaneous applications, including offices and concession stands.

The Keywest Systems Group was involved with the design of the Hartman Arena system from the very beginning. Meeting with the building’s architects before a single drawing was made, the Keywest System Group tapped its extensive experience with large-venue digital signage installations to guide the architects with every detail of the system from mounting options and cable runs to wall enclosures and networking options.

To schedule, manage, playback and monitor all of the content on this digital signage network, Hartman Arena settled on an extensive array of hardware and software solutions from Keywest Technology. A total of 17 rack-mounted Keywest Technology InfoZone Traffic Manager and Dashboard .

In March, the new arena opened its doors with a fully operational digital signage system from Keywest Technology. Welcoming country music star Alan Jackson and thousands of his devoted fans on the inaugural date of Hartman Arena, the Keywest Technology digital signage solution worked flawlessly.