Mexican Restaurant Spices It Up With Digital Signage

//Mexican Restaurant Spices It Up With Digital Signage
Mexican Restaurant Spices It Up With Digital Signage2017-05-10T16:01:15+00:00

Project Description

Keywest Technology Enterprise Partner has developed an integrated marketing program for Compadres, a Mexican restaurant in Owasso, OK, that relies on Keywest digital signage software and hardware.

When Mexican restaurant Compadres in Owasso, OK, decided it was time to spice up its in-store marketing, the local eatery turned to IOHI of Tulsa to develop a comprehensive plan encompassing digital signage, Internet presence and phone messaging.

IOHI, a Keywest Technology Enterprise Partner specializing in turnkey marketing campaigns, designed an extensive digital signage network for the restaurant that included two Keywest MediaZone players as well as a total of eight signs located throughout the restaurant.

A major goal of the digital signage portion on the project was to help the restaurant market a variety of products, such as its specialty drink menu, changing daily specials, gift card promotions and other special offers, to build sales and encourage repeat business.

As part of the installation, one MediaZone Pro player controls a large flat panel LCD monitor that greets patrons as they enter the restaurant. Another MediaZone controls playback of digital signage marketing messaging created by IOHI to enhance playback of sports programming delivered to the restaurant via satellite as well as to entice patrons to spend more money at the establishment.

To do that, IOHI built the digital signage presentation around several zones to present a variety of messages to Compadres customers. On the entryway monitor, one zone is devoted to playback of television programming while another large zone rotates various IOHI-created ads about restaurant specials.

The other seven monitors, scattered throughout the dining and bar area of the restaurant include zones for the restaurant’s logo, a smaller zone for daily specials, a text crawl across the bottom of the monitor promoting various offers and a zone devoted to playback of the satellite sports feed.

To schedule the playlist, monitor the playback schedule and manage the overall digital signage presentation, IOHI is relying on Keywest Technology’s MediaZone digital signage software, which makes it simple and fast to integrate text, graphics and video from separate zones into a dynamic digital signage presentation that exceeds the goals Compadres set for the installation.

Completed Aug. 2, the installation at the Owasso restaurant is the first for at least two more Compadres intends to roll out in the coming months.