Interactive Directory Shows Patients the Way

//Interactive Directory Shows Patients the Way
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Project Description

Keywest Technology’s I3 kiosk software provides visitors to the WESTMED Medical Group multi-specialty medical office with an interactive office directory to find their way.

Those visiting the WESTMED Medical Group office at Westchester’s Ridge Hill in Yonkers, NY, have an easy way to find their doctor’s office thanks to a turnkey interactive wayfinding digital signage system from Keywest Technology.

The 85,000-square-foot facility is home to a variety of medical services, including primary and specialty care, radiology, medical lab, and urgent care. The interactive directory, based on Keywest Technology’s MICRO media player and I3 interactive digital signage software, was specified and installed by Essentialcom.

Keywest Technology integrator ESSENTIALCOM LLC in White Plains, NY, worked with the developer of Westchester’s Ridge Hill, Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC), who also manages the retail and office complex, to find a wayfinding solution that would make it easier for visitors to find their specific healthcare provider. ESSENTIALCOM recommended the turnkey Keywest Technology digital signage solution, worked with the client to ensure all Keywest Technology-developed interactive directory content was accurate, provided installation services and performed on-site testing and training.

Located in the first floor lobby of the Ridge Hill office building, the Keywest Technology digital signage solution provides wayfinding functionality via a digital touchscreen office directory. Besides simply displaying a list of doctors and departments, the digital signage system also plays back advertisements.