Hotel Boosts Guest Interaction with Digital Concierge

//Hotel Boosts Guest Interaction with Digital Concierge
Hotel Boosts Guest Interaction with Digital Concierge2017-05-10T16:01:15+00:00

Project Description

The hospitality sign package provided by Keywest Technology features a large, 55” digital concierge, which graces the lobby of this luxury hotel bent on exceptional service in exquisite surroundings. Additionally, the turnkey system includes digital promotion signs, custom creative content and project-managed installation.

MileNorth Hotel in downtown Chicago, only a few steps away from the city’s renowned Magnificent Mile, is taking communications to a new level using the advanced interactive and cloud-based capabilities of Breeze™ digital signage. The project was conceptualized, created and project-managed by Keywest Technology’s digital artisans in cooperation with hotel signage experts RB Industries.

It’s only right that a crème de la crème hotel is matched with a proper digital signage system from the ambiance it projects to the convenience it offers guests. With this challenge in hand, Keywest Technology worked with hotel management in crafting a 55” interactive sign (a.k.a digital concierge) that is protected in a portrait view self-standing housing.

The housing contains two ViewSonic 55” LED backlit digital displays that operate in 1080P resolution. One side of the housing is used only for promotional messages, while the other side supports full-on interactive that provides guests key information, including:

  • Hotel guest information
  • Hotel amenities
  • Hotel meeting room information
  • Airport flight information
  • Local attractions with wayfinding & QR codes
  • Local restaurants with wayfinding & QR codes
  • Local sports with wayfinding & QR codes
  • and nearby shopping destinations, which to say the least, is extensive.

In addition to the easy-to-navigate touch screen that provides an immersive guest experience, the digital concierge also sports time, date and weather info. An interactive weather widget provides local weather conditions with a 5-day forecast, something that Chicagoans don’t take for granted given their upper Midwest location next to one of the largest, windiest lakes in the world.

The MileNorth installation also includes three 42” strategically placed digital signs that are powered by Keywest Technology’s new cloud-hosted Breeze system. This system enables ubiquitous management of the screens from any location through a web browser. It also provides rock-solid reliability, security and affordability with Linux embedded media players.

Two of the 42” digital screens are located above the guest room elevators. With 29 floors including the C-View rooftop bar, guests occasionally have to wait 10-15 minutes during peak times for a lift. With these two signs, MileNorth management provides guests enjoyable infotainment to help reduce perceived wait times.

Finally, two additional digital signs are in the lobby area, with one being on the reverse side of the digital concierge broadcasting promotional messages and the third 42” display mounted near meeting rooms to provide event names, times and dates, much like a digital reader board.

All said and done, the digital signage experience matches the sophisticated environment of MileNorth Hotel through a collaborative effort of Keywest Technology, Keywest Systems Group, Keywest Creative, RB Industries and hotel management. The digital concierge and Breeze digital signage system provide guest-facing interaction and personal assistance, omni-channel marketing think and an innovative infotainment media mix, meeting the diverse needs of hotel guests in this demanding four-star environment.