Historical Hamburg Stock Exchange Gets Digital Signage Update

//Historical Hamburg Stock Exchange Gets Digital Signage Update
Historical Hamburg Stock Exchange Gets Digital Signage Update2017-05-10T16:01:18+00:00

Project Description

Hamburg, Germany 

Thanks to Keywest Technology Europe , when the doors to the Hamburg Stock Exchange open in 2008, visitors will be able to learn a bit about its history and plans for the future on a four-monitor digital signage wall running under the control of a Keywest Technology software.

Arranged in a two-by-two stack, the 42in plasma monitors will playback a variety of content, including live television delivered via satellite, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, graphics, programming from an external DVD player, RSS feeds and NewsTicker headlines.

Located in an office at the front of the stock exchange, the digital signage wall is strategically positioned to attract the attention of visitors as they enter the new

stock exchange location.  At the heart of the installation is MediaXtreme Signage , which Keywest Technology customized for the application to support multi-monitor display. Four individual channels, one each for each plasma panel making up the display, can play back independently. Monitors also can be used in pairs to playback two separate messages or all together to display a unified message across all monitors.