Cox Media Relies on the MediaXtreme for Cable Channel

//Cox Media Relies on the MediaXtreme for Cable Channel
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Project Description

Conventioneers traveling to Las Vegas can keep abreast of the latest convention-related news and industry events by tuning in to Cox Media’s Tourism and Convention Channel (TCC).

Available in 37 Las Vegas hotels –with a total of 75,000 rooms- TCC offers those attending conventions the chance to catch-up on convention keynotes, seminars and events that they’ve missed from the comfort of their own hotel rooms.

Las Vegas is the No. 1 convention destination in the United States and perhaps the world. In 2004, there were more than 22,000 conventions held in Las Vegas that attracted more than 5.7 million conventioneers.

Fueling the Tourism and Convention Channel is a unique blend of programming and technology. Programming comes from Cox Media partners, such as The History Channel. The technology comes from Keywest Technology.

Partner-supplied programming is edited into an eight-hour block that rotates three times per day. When a convention comes to town, video footage and reports shot during the convention can be updated daily and shown in a looped format on the channel.

At the heart of TCC is a Keywest Technology MediaXtreme. With the MediaXtreme, Cox Media creates and schedules playback of graphics and text crawls that are a mix of local news, convention updates and promotions. A composite video feed from the cable system’s SeaChange video server is fed into the MediaXtreme, where it’s sized with the MediaXtreme’s video picture-in-picture card. Lower-third text crawls and graphics are also added with the MediaXtreme.

Two schedules are created for the Tourism and Convention Channel. The first is generated with the MediaCreator software to schedule text crawls and graphics, while video playback is scheduled from the SeaChange video server. Together, the schedules give Cox Media complete control over what is played out and when it appears.

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