Coast TV 13 Relies on MediaXtreme Media Server

//Coast TV 13 Relies on MediaXtreme Media Server
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Project Description

The Keywest Technology digital media server helps the Mississippi cable operator create new revenue streams from local business classified ads. 

Each week, Laura Landry touches the lives of Cable One subscribers in a personal and meaningful way.

Among her many duties, Mrs. Landry, a photo producer for Cable One Advertising in Gulfport, MS, creates and schedules the birthday greetings, graduation announcements, anniversary wishes, memorial tributes and other personal messages and business classifieds that appear on Cable One’s Coast TV 13 from headends in Biloxi, Long Beach and Pascagoula along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Fifty to 60 times a week, Mrs. Landry creates ads for individuals and businesses, such as local realtors and used car dealerships, and schedules them for playback on Coast TV 13. She uses the Keywest Technology MediaXtreme and MediaZone Pro software to create, schedule and playback the ads on three Cable One headends.

Most are 15-second spots with a static graphic background, images, text and logos with audio. Occasionally, Mrs. Landry uses the MediaXtreme’s picture-in-picture capability to insert a video commercial in a quadrant of the screen. Playback of all graphics, video and audio is scheduled and controlled with Keywest Technology software.

The power of classified advertising on cable TV shouldn’t be underestimated, according to Mrs. Landry. “We tell our prospects that using it (Coast TV 13) is very affordable advertising and that the way this works is constant repetition,” she said.

With a tool like the MediaXtreme on the job, it’s a sure bet that Coast TV 13 will be helping companies build their business for the foreseeable future. “The MediaXtreme makes us more efficient,” said Landry. “It let’s us turnaround ads a lot quicker and delivers a completely clean look that’s very good overall.”