Astros Save Time and Money with Digital Signage

//Astros Save Time and Money with Digital Signage
Astros Save Time and Money with Digital Signage2017-05-10T16:01:18+00:00

Project Description

Houston, Texas

Not that long ago, the Houston Astros organization would have to walk from monitor to monitor -45 in all- with a ladder to reach each display and affix the decal with the logo of the company sponsoring that night’s ball game.

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But that time-consuming, labor intensive task is a thing of the past thanks to the Keywest Technology LogoSTAR 300 professional logo generator. With the LogoSTAR 300, the Astros can superimpose the logo of sponsors directly over the video feed of the game that plays back on Minute Maid Stadium’s closed circuit video system.

The LogoSTAR 300 along with the 45 monitors –strategically located throughout the stadium in common public areas- do electronically in a matter of seconds what previously took hours to setup, namely display sponsor logos. Besides the LogoSTAR 300, Keywest Technology also provided system integration to assure glitch-free, professional results.