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A Game-Changer for Restaurant Health and Safety

Adhesive film reduces viruses & bacteria by more than 99.99% in less than 15 minutes flat.

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Apply to tables, kiosks, registers and other high-traffic surfaces.

Watch how easy it is to apply Nanoshield.

The coronavirus pandemic is making a big impact on restaurants. Viruses and bacteria can survive on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

Protect your restaurant with Nanoshield transparent film that kills viruses and bacteria including:

  •    Coronavirus
  •    Influenza
  •    Norovirus
  •    Staphylococcus
  •    E.coli

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Self-Serve Kiosks (light and heavy use)

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Ticketing Machines

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Small Devices

(tablets, smartphones)

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Door Handles

Hand Rails

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Elevator Buttons

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Fingerprint Scanners

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Independent Lab Verified

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