Keywest Technology Revamps SignWave With Future-Proof Features

//Keywest Technology Revamps SignWave With Future-Proof Features

Keywest Technology announced today its 3rd generation digital door card product which marches into the future with several advanced features, providing AV and IT installers years of integration flexibility that reach beyond meeting rooms.

SignWave digital door cardLENEXA, Kan. (June 20, 2016) – For the last three years, SignWave™ digital door cards by Keywest Technology have found a home in corporate America and higher education venues, where the single-purpose meeting room sign added a lot of expediency and efficiency to managing ever-changing room schedules and events. Today, SignWave continues the tradition of being a practical plug & play conference room event display device, but it looks to the future with newly integrated features that give it a purpose beyond the meeting, conference, or training room into an Internet-of-Things (IoT) future.

The future proofing comes in the form of incorporating advanced features within the all-new SignWave TD10 10” LCD display panel. This includes the integration of both BLE Beacon and NFC technologies, which enables users to build an instant communication network that messages customers, visitors, or guests in designated hotspot areas. This opens many possibilities to multichannel integration that reach from fixed signage to mobile messaging.

According to Nick Nichols, company president and director of research and development, “Our 3rd generation SignWave is not a step but a leap into the future for our clients. By combining IoT technologies into the digital signage spectrum, we now have the capability to adapt and expand real-time communications for businesses in ways that was previously impossible.”

To capitalize on the future, SignWave TD10 also uses a new operating system, which adds significant flexibility to where and how it is used. The original SignWave (still available) uses premises-based software, meaning that it requires a server to be on location. But SignWave TD10 is a widget powered by Keywest Technology’s cloud-based Breeze 2.0 digital signage system. Working as a widget, it can be used solely as a door card, or it may be used as a media source within a zone of the Breeze editor. Finally, it can also be used in conjunction with the Breeze 2.0 readerboard widget.

Along with the advanced communication features that SignWave now supports, it remains compatible with room scheduling enterprise software such as Microsoft Exchange Server / Outlook, Newmarket Delphi EMS, MICROS Fidelio Opera PMS, and Dean Evans EMS. Furthermore, the 3rd generation SignWave adds support for Google Calendar, broadening its appeal to businesses using cloud-based productivity tools.

Not to be left behind, even the SignWave display housing and components have been revamped to accommodate streamlined installation and practicality. SignWave’s original two-piece design has been combined into an ultra thin all-in-one display housing with only a 1” depth. The LCD display now measures 10.1” and includes built-in PoE+, an all-new VESA mount that adheres to any surface including glass, and now for the first time on SignWave, a LED light bar on each side of the chassis to provide visual cues to meeting room availability.

Interested parties and system integrators are encouraged to contact Keywest Technology (800-331-2019) for a free demonstration. SignWave is sold and distributed through Keywest’s network of professional AV and IT resellers. Additional product information may be found at

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