Keywest Technology Integrates Digital Signage With Hospitality Cloud Services

//Keywest Technology Integrates Digital Signage With Hospitality Cloud Services

Keywest Technology became an early adopter of the Newmarket® Web Services Developer Portal, enabling the company to accelerate application delivery and improve customer and guest experiences.

774d372531d6e89ae3182fdc92f84d42LENEXA, Kan. (October 26, 2015) – Cloud services and related applications are putting a new face on operations management. And for hospitality managers, service partners that can effectively parse operations data are setting a higher standard for customer service all the while streamlining operations. In cooperation with Newmarket, an Amadeus company who is a leading provider of hospitality technology solutions, Keywest Technology was one of the first companies to be certified this fall with the newly released APIs being offered through the Newmarket Web Services Developer Portal.

This collaboration resulted in the development of a new digital signage interface (KWT-Delphi) for Newmarket’s Delphi system. The dynamic integration of digital signage with Delphi allows properties to provide guests with event and room scheduling information seamlessly and effortlessly. The Interface enables a property to repurpose automatically detailed meeting, function, and booking information for reader boards, meeting room and wayfinding signage, providing current details and up-to-date information.

According to an announcement made by Newmarket on September 28, 2015, the new cloud-based developer portal gives third-party service providers an easier and quicker solution to implement.

“With this powerful new resource, our partners have the opportunity to build Newmarket certified solutions,” stated Melissa Jurkoic, Technical Product Manager for Newmarket. “They also gain the added value of advertising in our Partner Apps area, increasing their visibility to hospitality organizations that are looking to integrate additional products with their sales and catering solution.”

Not being tied to a single platform allows developers to quickly create solutions and provides for a secure environment partners can trust. “We are committed to delivering platform agnostic APIs that enable developers to use familiar tools such as HTML/Javascript or MUMPS, all with secure authentication using OAuth and other industry standards,” said T Antonio, API Evangelist for Newmarket.

According to John Macan, Keywest Technology’s product support director, “From start to finish, the NWS Developer Portal was very helpful and made our development process seamless.”

This collaboration with Newmarket gives Keywest Technology a wider breadth of hospitality interface options, ensuring that the company can satisfy any need that arises. Most importantly, the collaboration provides hospitality owners and managers cost-effective digital door signs and reader board solutions based on multiple platforms, e.g., Windows, Linux and Android. The Newmarket certification is universal across all Keywest Technology brands, including MediaZone Pro®, SignWave®, and Breeze® Digital Signage, and it is available immediately.

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