Destination Advances Corporate Communication with Digital Signage

//Destination Advances Corporate Communication with Digital Signage

c5a599da84468e33b5d8abdb93a2d25bRB Industries, a leading bespoke signage company for hotels, provided digital signage for Destination Hotels & Resorts at their corporate headquarters in Denver. The turnkey solution includes Keywest Technology digital door signs and an interactive digital wall display, content, programming, property specific custom surrounds, as well as installation and integration with existing property management software.

LENEXA, Kan. (May 20, 2014) –Destination Hotels & Resorts (Destination) is taking corporate communications to a new level using advanced digital signage systems supplied by Keywest Technology. RB Industries was selected as a preferred vendor to supply the turnkey system, which includes an interactive video wall in the lobby where guests are engaged with multiple screens filled with up-to-the-minute content. Additionally, nine digital door signs are used in the conference area of the Denver-based corporate office to provide room schedules that are automatically sourced from the on-premise Microsoft Exchange server.

With over 30 years of experience providing traditional hospitality signs used for a variety of applications, RB Industries has built a solid reputation working with the finest designers and architects of some of the world’s leading resort properties. RB Industries has learned over those years that multiple communication systems not only enhance communications, but also increase operational efficiency, something their clients have increasingly been seeking.

According to Brian Murphy of RB Industries, his company has become an advocate of digital signage where added efficiencies via automation can make positive contributions by more effectively promoting useful information as another customer touch point. Murphy stated, “Digital signage will greatly improve communications for Destination through the use of data automation in the conference rooms, and a separate system in the lobby will engage visitors with interactive visuals that will help tell the compelling Destination story and inform guests of services and amenities offered by the upscale franchise. All of this has realizable ROI and ROO (return on objectives).”

Sam Ruggles, Keywest Technology’s digital solutions manager for hospitality systems, concurs with Murphy that digital signage can address both ROI and ROO in hospitality communications. “ROI is often realized just through cost savings from reduced printing and labor alone,” Ruggles said.

Ruggles also related that even though bottom-line savings are important, the bigger picture has to do with getting more work done with less which points to a return on objectives that can achieve multiple organizational goals of managers across the board.

To this end, Ruggles noted, “Imagine welcoming your conference guests with timely room schedule and wayfinding information as they arrive in your lobby via a digital reader board—this is good customer service. Customer service can be further enhanced by promoting useful services and amenities via a large, dynamic, interactive display that takes it a step further.”

The fully interactive reader board in the lobby uses Keywest Technology’s MediaZone Pro digital signage software in combination with custom creative, which provides an engaging guest experience on the multi-panel display system. The company is also supplying its Android-based SignWave digital door sign system to effectively display room-scheduling information sourced from Destination’s Microsoft Exchange server.

Keywest Technology turnkey services included working with Destination managers to develop custom content for a holistic user experience that will aid guests from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave the premises without adding any additional human resources.

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