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Did you know you expect a 400% increase in views with digital signage vs. traditional signage? With Keywest Technology, implementing and maintaining digital signage is as easy as a day at the beach. Download our brochure to see our work, explore solutions and learn about our award winning support.  



WiFi or 4G Media Player

You’re not just buying hardware, you’re getting a cloud server, support and software updates, and a perpetual
hardware warranty. Can't connect to a network? No problem. The BRZ-100 can connect via 4G LTE. It's also touch-screen compatible.



Standard Android OS Media Player

The BRZ-300 is an extraordinarily robust, solid-state (with no moving parts), small footprint media player and includes a built-in mount. Simply login to the Internet editor and control stunning Ultra-HD (4K) digital signage from anywhere, anytime. 



Advanced Media Player with HDMI input and Android OS 

The BRZ-321 is our flagship media player. Ultra-HD (4k), HDMI (HDCP Compliant) Input. Extraordinarily robust, solid-state (with no moving parts), small footprint, with a built-in mount. Simply login to upload media, create , schedule and deploy and control stunning content from anywhere, anytime.



Single Channel Player: 
Windows or Linux Media Player

Breeze Digital Signage™is a Viewer/User focused SaaS solution that is flexible for many types of businesses, which is why we offer a diverse line of media players such as the Breeze 352.

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Four-output Android OS Media Player

The BRZ-4L is a small form-factor media player for videowalls. With it's low-cost yet high performance capabilities. The BRZ-4L includes multiple layouts for you to choose from. 



Breeze™ Single-Channel:

Windows Rackmount Media Player

Breeze™ Digital Signage is a customer-focused, cloud-based SaaS solution, flexible for many types of businesses where extra computing power is required.


SignWave Series BRZ-10

Put your signs to work, not your staff

The SignWave BRZ-10 is our most popular digital door card. It is an elegant touch-enabled solution with vacant/occupied lights, multiple mounting options, NFC, RFID and locks into place. 


SignWave Series BRZ-10US

Sleek display mounts to any surface

The BRZ 10-US allows you to create and manage customized room displays. Quickly publish one or multiple events in real time. Mounts to any surface with single cable PoE+ for a clean installation.

Airport Use.jpg

Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Breeze Powered and Touch-Enabled

The BRZ-HSK Kiosks are automatic, easy to program, and Wi-Fi enabled. The touch screen is protected by Nanoshield Anti-Viral Film, and it even tells you when it's getting low on sanitizer!

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