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Breeze Digital Signage Software Templates

Below you will find updated Breeze Digital Signage Templates. These are very easy to use and easy to update, so you are able to change out anything you'd like to. To get started, download the desired playlist template using the download button, then follow the instructions for importing a breeze template into your server.

Corporate + Business

Add in your branding and company information to this easy to use template that is sure to impress your guests and inform your employees! 



Keep your patients and employees informed and entertained with this simple, modern template!


Restaurant + Food

Looking for an easy to use, simple menu for your restaurant or coffee shop? Look no further than this template! 



With your school colors and mascot, this template will feel like home for your students, visitors, and employees alike!



Make your hotel, resort, or hostel feel like home for your guests with this easy to use, luxurious template! 


Retail + Shopping

Let your shop patrons know about sales, the brands you carry, and your shop values with this simple, user friendly template! 

Interested in using our templates, but don't have Breeze Digital Signage Software?


Get in Touch with our sales team to learn more about what we can do to make your digital signage a Breeze! 
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