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Concierge-Level Wayfinding
with the Snap of a QR Code

Meet Andros, Wayfinding in the Palm of Your Hand

A Responsive Web App for Android and Apple

Andros Wayfinder picks up where regular map applications leave off. With the snap of a QR code, users navigate through your campus, turn by turn, room by room and step by step. You determine access rights for what users can see, leading them to the floors, rooms, points of interest and more that they need.  Andros is their guide to your facility, personalized to improve their experience.

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  • SaaS-based

  • Saves internal staff resources

  • Multiple language support

  • ADA-compliant

  • One facility or system-wide campuses

An interactive map in hand.
An expert leading the way.


Simple and Secure Management

Set multiple layers of permissions to restrict and allow what users see for a better,

safer experience. 

Make entrance and exit easier, demanding less guidance from your staff so they can focus on other duties. 

Improves the overall user experience by providing ADA accessible resource.

 User Experience is a No-Brainer

Snap a QR code to open the Andros app. Andros detects user's location and displays the shortest route to the destination with points of interest or amenities available along the way.

  • Rooms/Offices

  • Elevators

  • Stairs

  • Printers 

  • And more

Zoom features zeroes in on the destination, no wandering, no stopping to ask for directions.
Share route with others via email or text.

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You are Here

_You Are Here.png

Users browse through various floors, floor maps and staff according to their access rights and current location on the premises.

Right This Way

_Right This Way.png

Andros is available via the web, so users can map out their route in advance on a desktop, as they go on their phones or on site following digital signage.

Multiple Languages & ADA Compliant

_Language ADA.png

Users choose their preferred language and ADA-compliant routing directs to accessible routes for those who are disabled or need to avoid stairs due to strollers, dollies, etc.

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Make Wayfinding a Snap

 Interested in Andros Wayfinding? Fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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