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Keywest Technology offers three digital signage training options.


OPTION 2: Receive one-on-one training via scheduled Webinar. Our most popular option!

For those of you who want one-on-one training, we have designed an online training course that covers the basic operation of our digital signage systems, giving you the Onsite_training_thumbconvenience of real time, expert training without having to leave your office. Whether you are new to digital signage or an experienced user, our online training is designed to teach you the basics of our most popular software packages in the fastest, easiest way possible for only $95 per hour. Please download our course outline and availale lessons below in the tab section for complete details.

OPTION 3: For advanced users or corporate training, we also offer comprehensive on-site training anywhere in the world.  Request a quote for Digital Signage Training today. Or, call 800-331-2019 ext. 314, and a customer service agent will be happy to assist you.

Note: Online and On-site Training is available for MediaZone Pro, InfoZone Pro, Keywest Interactive, SignWave and Breeze digital signage systems.


BREEZE Training Brochure


MEDIAZONE PRO Training Brochure


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