Interactive Digital Signage Solutions
from Keywest Technology reach beyond TV-style digital signage offering easy-to-install cabinets, wall-mount digital displays or mobile display devices that come alive with creative content tailored to fit the communication needs of your business. Think of our interactive solutions as your digital concierge!

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Many options are available to enhance or improve customer experience, but none are more important than partnering with Keywest Creative to design and execute media to meet your objectives. Leave it to our expert media department to develop:

  • Interactive Media
  • Social Media Integration
  • Digital Advertising
  • Interactive Wayfinding
  • Loyalty Program Integration
  • Media Feeds & Streaming
  • Real-Time Information
  • Widget Integration
  • Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Management

Our interactive solutions can be purchased as economical off-the-shelf systems, or the entire display cabinet can be custom built to your specifications.

Quality built for lasting durability, we offer a variety of cabinet choices including floor mount pedestals, wall mount surrounds and portable battery powered units, which are perfect for temporary or simple digital sign applications. Please browse our portfolio for many examples or our work. Request a Quick Quote or call 800-331-2019 and select "4" for application inquiries.

Popular applications include:

Digital Sales Assistant

  • Advertising - Spark interest with creative media loops
  • Engage customers with social media
  • Create customer desire with interactive demonstrations
  • Demonstrate product FABs with interactive interface
  • Collect customer demographics
  • Dispense product coupons
  • Integrated knowledge base with sales avatar for personalized service

Digital Concierge

  • Provide directional wayfinding information
  • Provide an interactive event and conference calendar
  • Provide an interactive Google Earth Map with calculated drive times
  • Provide a list of local restaurants with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of local hotspots with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of tourist attractions with interactive information access
  • Sell and dispense tickets / coupons
  • Provide hotel check in/out processing

Customer Service

  • Provide product wayfinding information
  • Provide an entertainment-based medium with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of products with interactive information access
  • Provide a list of services with interactive information access
  • Provide an interactive gift registry with product catalog
  • Provide an interactive custom-order processor
  • Provide additional inventory information

Suggested Locations

  • Building lobbies & corridors
  • Product promotion areas
  • Conference areas
  • Check-in & registration areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Elevator banks
  • Cafeterias & Retail Shops
  • Donor recognition areas



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With the MediaXtreme, the process is much faster. I can have the schedule and ad sent within a minute or two, and that's when I send it to our farthest system . Laura Landry, Cable One Advertising, Gulfport, MS