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Solving the media puzzle with expert solutions and services

For over 14 years we have been helping businesses implement digital signage successfully by creating positive relations and impact through dynamic media. Successful digital signage is a matter of putting together the right pieces in the right way. The pieces include expert know-how in creative content, software, IT infrastructure and supporting hardware. Solving your company’s digital signage puzzle with professionalism at every level is our specialty. Building long-lasting client relationships is our legacy.

Captivating Content
Keywest Creative As with any media, content is king. That’s where Keywest’s creative team comes in, providing content design and creative services needed to attract an audience and communicate powerful marketing messages. Whether it’s simple digital signage playback or complex, branching interactivity on kiosks or mobile devices, Keywest artisans have the experience and expertise to design content that connects with viewers wherever they are. Please request digital signage assistance with no obligation.

Award-Winning Work
Keywest Technology is the recipient of numerous industry accolades for its digital signage work. For example, we've earned two DigiAwards, an industry honor recognizing digital signage excellence.

digi-awardThe awards were presented in recognition of the Keywest Technology interactive, hybrid digital signage systems installed at the Walnut Valley Garden Center near Wichita, KS, and at the University of Tennessee Football Hall of Fame Museum in Knoxville. Central to both projects was Keywest Technology digital signage content and software custom-configured to meet the unique needs of each customer for interactivity. View our Keywest Digital Signage Portfolio for additional examples of excellence and the many ways we help you solve your digital signage puzzle.

Of course, the best digital signage content in the world is worthless if you don't have quality software, hardware and support that can be counted on when you need it most. You can count on Keywest Technology for a total solution that you can operate with confidence instead of leaving you puzzled.

Our advanced Breeze Digital Signage system offers a powerful yet affordable way to build a digital signage network using Cloud technologies. It comes complete with our leading Breeze Designer application, which provides a creative way to build instant templates using our exclusive ideation technology. With Breeze Designer you can create millions of custom templates just by pressing a button. You never have to worry about creating templates again! Just add videos, animations, texts, tickers, graphics or web pages to build a meaningful message. Integrate social media through our easy-to-use widgets. From one digital sign to thousands, our digital signage system scales to fit your needs and budget. Learn all about Breeze Digital Signage and replace your archaic technology today.


Keywest Technology also innovates digital signage kiosk systems. Combining the power of remotely scheduled digital signs with the touch-screen interactivity normally associated with self-serve kiosks, interactive, digital signage kiosks are growing in popularity as consumers increasing grow accustomed to retrieve the information they desire from their personal technology. Keywest Technology's creative department works with company stakeholders in developing specific strategies to accomplish many marketing initiatives. Contact us for project consulting.

Digital Signage Services
KW_Sys_Gr No two digital signage installations are identical. That’s why Keywest Technology offers an array of digital signage services to meet the individual requirements of each digital signage customer. For those requiring system consultation, content design and installation, the Keywest Systems Group offers the expert services needed to individualize digital signage networks for specific needs.

Doing so can require custom modification to standard Keywest Technology digital signage software. The company’s team of skilled programmers has a thorough knowledge of Keywest Technology software and can customize code for individual enterprise customers.

Unparalleled Support
logo-total-care How confident are we? Keywest Technology provides every client our industry-leading TotalCARE® support program at no extra charge for the first (2) two years or ownership. It provides expert technical support via phone, text chat and e-mail with Keywest solution engineers during the week. Of course, all this is matched with a 2-year Keywest player hardware warranty. Now you why we keep repeating, "technically, it's a day at the beach."


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